By transcribing and indexing Schönberg’s calendars from 1943 and 1944, which can now be viewed in the image archive, we continue the insight into Schönberg's daily and weekly routines. Since 1936 the composer lived in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

For eight years Arnold Schönberg taught at the University of California at Los Angeles. In contrast to his master class at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, only a few of his students had extensive musical knowledge – they later worked as teachers, performers or in other fields. Schönberg accepted the new situation and, with great commitment, developed a basic musical education that would result in his late textbooks. Probably not without melancholy, an entry in his calendar of 18 February 1944 notes: "last 4 classes in U.C.L.A.". Wednesday through Friday of the following week, lessons in counterpoint, composition, harmony and orchestration are listed, as well as the last examination date of his academic career, February 23, 1944.